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Verizon Wireless Complaints | Do You Have A Verizon Mobile Cell Phone Complaint?

If You Have A Complaint About Verizon Wireless or About Your Verizon Cell Phone, Mobile or Wireless Service, Share Your Verizon Wireless Complaint With Others And Report Your Verizon Wireless Complaint To A Cell Phone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

A team of wireless, mobile and cell phone consumer protection attorneys and lawyers are investigating potential complaints being made by current and former Verizon wireless customers and subscribers about Verizon Wireless and/or Verizon wireless cell phone and mobile telecommunications products and services.

Verizon Wireless (also known as Cellco Partnership) is one of the largest wireless service providers in the U.S. and provides wireless voice and data services and equipment to more than one hundred million subscribers, including consumers (individuals and families), businesses and governments, throughout the nation.

Do You Have Verizon Wireless Complaint?verizon wireless complaints

Verizon Wireless complaints potentially being investigated include complaints about the following, among others:

  • Verizon Wireless Plans (e.g., complaints about Verizon Wireless voice or talk calling plans, Verizon Wireless data plans and Verizon wireless text messaging plans or texting plans, Verizon Wireless global or international plans, Verizon Wireless business plans, Verizon Wireless prepaid plans, Verizon Wireless pay-as-you-go plans, cruise ship plans, senior citizen plans, complaints about plan features and pricing, including monthly access charges, per-minute rates, allowances and overages, etc.)
  • Verizon Wireless Devices (e.g., complaints about basic Verizon Wireless devices such as Verizon wireless cell phones, Verizon wireless smartphones, Verizon wireless tablets and other internet devices manufactured by Apple, Motorola Mobility, Samsung, LG Electronics, BlackBerry, HTC, Hitachi and Quality One Wireless (Pantech) that run various operating systems, including Apple iOS, Google Android and Microsoft Windows.
  • Verizon Wireless Network (e.g., complaints about the Verizon wireless 4G LTE network and 4G LTE coverage, about Verizon wireless 3G CDMA network (3G EV-DO and CDMA-1XRTT) and Verizon wireless 3G coverage, Verizon wireless cell sites and cell towers, network reliability, dropped calls, data download and upload speeds, verizon wireless signal strength, verizon wireless cell phone reception, etc)
  • Verizon wireless charges, fees and taxes (e.g., complaints about cramming or having unauthorized or unwanted charges or fees placed onto Verizon wireless bills without permission or consent, complaints about being overcharged or paying too much for Verizon wireless products or services, etc.)
  • Verizon wireless refunds, adjustments and credits (e.g., complaints that Verizon wireless customers are owed refunds or credits in connection with their Verizon Wireless account)
  • Verizon wireless billing and payments (e.g., complaints that Verizon wireless customer was overbilled, complaints about a Verizon wireless account balance, Verizon wireless telephone bills or account statements, Verizon wireless payment methods such as automatic pay, Verizon prepaid, Verizon paperless billing, Verizon wireless online billing, and other Verizon wireless billing disputes)
  • Verizon wireless account management (e.g., complaints about Verizon wireless service being disconnected, suspended or terminated, etc)
  • Verizon telephone numbers and telephone access lines (e.g., complaints about porting Verizon wireless phone number, adding, cancelling or terminating Verizon wireless phone lines, activating or reactivating Verizon wireless  phone service, etc.)
  • Verizon wireless cell phone calling features (e.g., Verizon wireless voicemail, ringtones, caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, etc)
  • Other Verizon wireless products and services (e.g., mobile insurance, warranties, protection plans, etc.)
  • Verizon wireless privacy and security related issues
  • Verizon wireless offers, promotions, rewards, rebates and advertisements (e.g., complaints about Verizon wireless rewards or rebates or offers, or discounts)

If You Have A Verizon Wireless Complaint, Report Your Verizon Wireless Complaints To A Cell Phone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

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  • Denise May December 3, 2014, 4:21 am

    I keep getting overcharged by Verizon wireless on my bills. I switched from a 6 gb plan to a 10 gb plan that cost the same because.the 6 gb plan .they offered me a 10 gb plan for 80.00 dollars and I was paying 80.00 dollars for a 6 gb plan so I went ahead an switched in the middle of my billing period. I only used a total of less than 6.5 gb and they prorated my 10 gb plan and charged me 30.00 dollars.i was told that this would not happen that I would have a yoga of 10 gb in data to use and it was no big deal to switch in the middle of my billing period so I believed them .Then I got the bill and they charged me 30.00 of overages that I realy didn’t go over because I paid for 10 gb of data. This is not the 1st time that I have gotten over charged from version. The month before I called and upped my gb from 4G to 6 gb so I would have enough and they still charged me 14.00 over.i had to call and have them take it off my bill after argument with A lady .Also in October 2014 I purchased another phone over the phone with Verizon and the sales person said if I buy a Otterbox case and a charger cord and screen savers for 75.00 dollars they would wave the 35.00 activation fee for my 2nd phone I just bought.i said I didn’t really need that stuff but for that price I might as well.When I got my next bill they still charged me the activation fee for 35.00dollars.I was on the phone for a long time trying to get this charge taken off.They told me there was no such thing as that going on as a deal. I know I was scammed.I asked if the sales people got commission off selling the extra accessories for the phones and they said yes.So I see know I was scammed.they guy made a profit off a lie telling me this to get a commission off the 75.00 in accessories knowing that I would get charged the 35.00 activation fee on my next bill. Im so sick and tired of verizon wireless. I have heard of others getting ripped off by them.Now im stuck in a contact with a company that I can’t trust.I go over every single bill with a fine tooth comb.I don’t trust anything they tell me over the phone.And after the last few experiences in there store im starting to wonder what happened to the company that I have been with sence 1995.It has gone bad.I promise that I will leave this company as soon as the contract is up.Im done with them .But not soon enough. Denise May.

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