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Verizon Landline Telephone Complaints | Do You Have A Verizon Landline, Fixed-Line & Wireline Phone Complaint?

If You Have A Complaint About Your Verizon Landline, Wireline or Fixed-Line Telephone Service, Share Your Verizon Landline Complaint With Others And Report Your Verizon Wireline Complaint To A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

A team of wireline, fixed-line and landline telephone consumer protection attorneys and lawyers are investigating potential complaints being made by current and former Verizon landline customers and wireline subscribers about Verizon landline and/or Verizon landline, wireline or fixed line telecommunications products and services.

Verizon provides landline telephone service in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Texas, California and Washington D.C. through the following Verizon Local Exchange Carriers or Verizon LECs:

  • GTE Southwest, Inc.
  • Verizon California, Inc.
  • Verizon Delaware LLC
  • Verizon Florida LLC
  • Verizon Maryland, Inc.
  • Verizon New England, Inc.
  • Verizon New Jersey, Inc.
  • Verizon New York, Inc.
  • Verizon North LLC
  • Verizon Pennsylvania LLC
  • Verizon South, Inc.
  • Verizon Virginia LLC
  • Verizon Washington, D.C., Inc.

Verizon Landline Complaints > Do You Have A Verizon Landline Complaint?verizon landline, wireline and fixed line telephone complaints

Verizon landline complaints potentially being investigated include complaints about the following Verizon wireline, landline and fixed line products and services, among others:

  • Verizon landline calling plans (e.g., complaints about Verizon local telephone call service plans, Verizon regional telephone toll call service plans, Verizon long distance toll call telephone plans, Verizon international calling plans, Verizon Freedom plans, Verizon residential home plan plans, complaints about plan features and pricing, including monthly usage detail, access charges, per-minute rates, allowances and overages, included minutes, etc.)
  • Verizon Local, Regional Toll and Long Distance Carriers (e.g., complaints about slamming or unauthorized change of your local, regional toll and/or long distance carrier in connection with your Verizon telephone service without your permission or consent, carrier freeze, Verizon Long Distance, etc.)
  • Verizon landline telephone equipment & wiring (e.g., complaints about Verizon telephone equipment, Verizon copper wiring, down wires, Verizon telephone poles, Verizon inside wire maintenance, repairs, unreturned equipment issues, etc)
  • Verizon landline call quality (e.g., complaints about not having a dial tone, being unable to make or receive a call, having noise or static on calls, dropped call, busy signals, Verizon outages, etc.)
  • Verizon landline charges, fees and taxes (e.g., complaints about cramming or having unauthorized or unwanted charges or fees placed onto Verizon landline telephone bills without permission or consent, complaints about being overcharged or paying too much for Verizon landline telephone products or services, disputing charges for local and regional calls, charges for long distance calls, charges for collect calls, one-time and recurring charges such as early termination fees, unreturned equipment charge, activation fees, installation fees, previous balance charges, surcharges and taxes, charge for dial tone, late payment charge, other fees, operator assist surcharge, directory assist call completion surcharge, payphone surcharge, miscellaneous charges and credits, charges billed on behalf of other service providers, new charges from other providers, billing on behalf of other providers, taxes, fees and other charges, reconnect charge, directory advertising, non-basic service charges, etc.)
  • Verizon landline refunds, adjustments and credits (e.g., complaints about being owed refunds or credits in connection with your Verizon landline telephone account, final bill refunds, security deposit refund, adjustments, etc)
  • Verizon landline billing and payments (e.g., complaints about being overbilled, double billed and other Verizon landline billing disputes, complaints about a Verizon landline account balance, balance forward, Verizon landline telephone bills or account statements, Verizon One-Bill, Verizon landline payment methods such Verizon Auto Pay Automatic Bill Payment, MyVerizon online billing at at www.verizon.com, Verizon Paper Free Billing)
  • Verizon wireline account management (e.g., complaints about Verizon wireline service being disconnected, suspended or terminated, account locked, etc)
  • Verizon landline telephone numbers and telephone access lines (e.g., complaints about porting Verizon landline phone number, adding, cancelling or terminating Verizon landline phone lines, activating or reactivating Verizon wireline phone service, etc.)
  • Verizon landline telephone calling features (e.g., complaints about Verizon privacy features, such as anonymous call block, call block, call intercept, call trace, do not disturb, selective call blocking, Verizon caller identity features, such as *69, caller ID, call waiting ID, priority call, Verizon missed call features, such as call forwarding, call forwarding busy line, do not answer, home voice mail, OnePoint voice mail, select call forwarding, Verizon time saving features, such as busy redial and speed dialing)
  • Other Verizon landline products and services
  • Verizon landline offers, promotions, rewards, rebates and advertisements (e.g., complaints about Verizon landline phone rewards, rebates, offers, ads or discounts, Verizon My Rewards+, One-Bill Bundle discount, etc.)

If You Have A Verizon Landline Complaint, Report Your Verizon Landline Complaints To A Landline, Wireline or Fixed-Line Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

Fill Out The Form On The Right To Request a Free Attorney Review Of Your Verizon Landline Complaint.

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  • Ron Sheinson February 20, 2015, 12:14 am

    My bill for my Verizon Landline in Maryland just went up by $2 monthly for “Dial Tone Line” I believe this is a Verizon charge, not a tax or fee.
    Why the increase? What was the justification?

  • John West February 23, 2015, 10:07 am

    No one, especially us ever thought that we would be lied to, deceived and cheated by this company. Instead of being honest and telling us that there was an issue that couldn’t be resolved immediately, we were strung along for two weeks. During that time I was unable to pay bills ( fees for late online payments accrued ) , sell stock (lost money due to inability to log into my online broker on a rare uptick day for the stock market) and, my daughter nearly failed a very difficult geometry class (because she was unable to submit her homework assignments to her professor). After terminating their service, I called to see if I could obtain my internet usage records for the past several months. I was informed that there was no record of the account we had with them for nearly 30 years. I was given another number to call. I have not placed the call as a friend told me that once you close your account, you no longer have an identity and no records can be obtained. I don’t know if they record all calls or just some. But if in fact they do record all, and those records can be obtained, they will clearly show the ongoing effort to keep us in the dark while they bought time to correct the issue. Additionally, their outsourcing of customer service reps to places where their accent is so thick it is hard to understand what they’re saying unless you ask them to repeat themselves, is an insult to their loyal, English speaking customers. I know at one time they were a honest and reputable as I have had reasons to contact them many times over the years. Now it seems that they’ve become greedy and dishonest. I am interested in getting some of the money I’ve paid them over the last 1 1/2 years. That is approximately how long I’ve been calling them for the same issue, of inferior internet service. I feel there is no recourse. After so many years we were pushed off a cliff and left to free fall into oblivion.

  • Mindy Basara December 9, 2015, 2:42 pm

    I am an investigative reporter with WBAL TV working on a story about problems with Verizon copper lines in Maryland. Please contact me and share your story. 410-338-6628 or Mbasara@hearst.com.

If You Have A Verizon Complaint, Share Your Verizon Complaints With Others By Submitting A Public Comment Below.