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Verizon FiOS Complaints | Do You Have A Complaint About Verizon FiOS Digital Voice Phone VOIP, Internet & TV?

If You Have A Complaint About Verizon FiOS Digital Voice Phone VOIP, FiOS Internet or FiOS TV Services, Share Your Verizon FiOS Complaint With Others And Report Your Verizon FiOS Complaint To A Consumer Protection Lawyer.

A team of consumer protection attorneys and lawyers are investigating potential complaints being made by current and former Verizon FiOS customers and FiOS subscribers about Verizon FiOS digital voice phone, FiOS internet and FiOS TV.  Unlike traditional telephone service delivered through copper wire telephone lines, FiOS uses fiber optic technology to provide digital phone and broadband service.

Verizon FiOS Complaints > Do You Have A Verizon FiOS Complaint?verizon FiOS complaints

Verizon FiOS complaints being potentially investigated include complaints about the following Verizon FiOS products and services, among others:

  • FiOS Digital Voice Home Phone plan complaints (unlimited domestic residential calling and low international calling rates)
  • FiOS Internet complaints (25/25, 50/50, 75/75, 150/150, 300/300 and 500/500 Mbps internet speed plans, complaints about download or upload speeds)
  • FiOS TV complaints (FiOS TV local, select HD, preferred HD, Extreme HD, Ultimate HD, FiOS TV Mundo, FiOS Quantum TV, FiOS Quantum TV Premium, FiOS Quantum TV Enhanced)
  • FiOS Bundle complaints (e.g., complaints about FiOS Triple Play, FiOS Double Play, FiOS preferred HD TV + 25/25 Mbps Internet + Phone, Fios TV Local + 50/50 Mbps Internet, etc)
  • Verizon FiOS equipment, installation, wiring and repair (e.g., complaints about Verizon FiOS equipment, repairs, FiOS Advanced Wi-Fi Router, FiOS Inside Wire Maintenance, etc)
  • Verizon FiOS digital voice quality (e.g., complaints about not having a dial tone, being unable to make or receive a call, having noise, cracking or static on calls, calls dropping, busy signals, Verizon outages, etc.)
  • Verizon FiOS charges, fees and taxes (e.g., complaints about having unauthorized or unwanted charges or fees placed onto Verizon FiOS bills without permission or consent, complaints about being overcharged or paying too much for Verizon FiOS products or services, disputing FiOS charges for calls, long distance, collect calls, one-time and recurring charges such as early termination fees, unreturned equipment charge, directory assistance call charges, activation fees, installation fees, late payment charge, etc.)
  • Verizon FiOS refunds, adjustments and credits (e.g., complaints about being owed refunds or credits in connection with your Verizon FiOS account)
  • Verizon FiOS billing, FiOS bills and payments (e.g., complaints about being overbilled, double billed and other Verizon FiOS billing disputes, complaints about a Verizon FiOS account balance, Verizon FiOS telephone bills or statements, Verizon FiOS payment methods such Verizon Auto Pay Automatic Bill Payment, MyVerizon online billing at www.verizon.com, Verizon Paper Free Billing)
  • Verizon FiOS account management (e.g., complaints about Verizon FiOS service being disconnected, suspended or terminated, etc)
  • Verizon FiOS telephone numbers and telephone access lines (e.g., complaints about porting Verizon FiOS phone number, adding, cancelling or terminating Verizon FiOS phone lines, activating or reactivating Verizon FiOS phone service, etc.)
  • Verizon FiOS Digital Voice calling features (e.g., complaints about Verizon FiOS Digital voice phone features such as 10-digit dialing, address book synchronization, administrator function, back-up battery, anonymous call rejection, back-up number, calendar sync, caller ID, call forwarding, call log, call return, call waiting, cancel call waiting, call waiting with Caller ID, directory listing, do not disturb, enhanced call forwarding, locate me, incoming call block, international call block, “in network” calling, keep your number, outgoing caller ID block, online account manager, pick your own area code, scheduled call back, simultaneous ring, smartphone integration, speed dial 1o0, three way calling, tv integration, vanity telephone numbers, virtual numbers with distinctive rings, voice backup powerreserve, voice mail notification, etc)
  • Verizon FiOS offers, promotions, rewards, rebates and advertisements
  • Other Verizon FiOS complaints

If You Have A Complaint About Verizon FiOS Digital Voice Phone, FiOS Internet or FiOS TV, Report Your Verizon FiOS Complaints To A Consumer Protection Lawyer.

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