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Complaints About T-Mobile Plans | T-Mobile Data Plans, T-Mobile Talk or Voice Plans, T-Mobile Texting Plans & T-Mobile Long Distance Calling Plans

Do You Have A Complaint About Your T-Mobile Plan? If You Have A Complaint About T-Mobile Plans, Such as T-Mobile Data Plan, T-Mobile Voice or Talk Plan, T-Mobile Text Plan or T-Mobile Long Distance Plan, Share Your T-Mobile Plan Complaints With Others and Report Your Complaint To A Lawyer.

A team of wireless, mobile and cell phone consumer protection attorneys and lawyers are investigating potential complaints being made by current and former T-Mobile customers about their T-Mobile plans, including T-Mobile data plans, T-Mobile talk or voice plans, T-Mobile text messaging plans & T-Mobile long distance calling plans.

t-mobile plan complaints

T-Mobile Plan Complaints> Do You Have A Complaint About Your T-Mobile Plan?

T-Mobile Plan complaints potentially being investigated include complaints about the following T-Mobile plans, including voice, data, texting and long distance calling plans, among others:

  • T-Mobile Simple Choice Plan complaints (e.g., complaints about Simple Choice T-Mobile plan and Simple Choice Plan with No Credit Check, including T-Mobile family plan with 2-6 lines or T-Mobile individual plan with unlimited talk, text & data on the T-Mobile network with no overages, 1GB to 4G LTE data, music streaming , unlimited international data & text and no annual service contracts, complaints about T-Mobile Simple Choice Mobile Internet Plan with unlimited tablet or hotspot data plans)
  • T-Mobile Simple Starter Plan complaints (e.g., complaints about T-Mobile individual plans such as the Simple Starter T-Mobile plan, the $40 plan, with single line with unlimited talk, text and up to 500MB of 4G LTE data, no data overages, data service suspended after 500MB, no annual service contract)
  • T-Mobile Pay As You Go plan complaints (e.g., complaints about Pay As You Go prepaid T-Mobile plans where talk and text minutes are purchased, $3 per month for 30 minutes of talk or text and additional minutes at 10 cents a min/msg, complaints about activating and refilling T-Mobile prepaid plans)
  • T-Mobile Pay by The Day plan complaints (e.g., complaints about T-Mobile Pay By The Day plan where you pay only when you use your phone including the $3 /day plan for unlimited web of up to 200 MB of 4G LTE data and $2 / day plan for unlimited web at 2G speed both with with unlimited talk and text messaging, the $30 per month Pay By The Day T-Mobile plans for unlimited web at up to 4G speeds for 5GB and unlimited text with 100 minutes of talk time for devices purchased from Wal-Mart or activated on T-Mobile.com, and the $35 per month T-Mobile Pay By The Day plan with unlimited talk and text)
  • T-Mobile Pay In Advance mobile internet plan complaints (e.g., complaints about T-Mobile Pay in Advance Mobile Internet plans, including T-Mobile On Demand Passes for 1 day 500 MB of data, 7 days 1GB, 30 days 3GB, 5GB and 7GB and Monthly Plans with 30-day auto-renew for between 1GB and 13 GB of data)
  • T-Mobile State Side International Talk plan complaints (e.g., complaints about the T-Mobile International Talk plan for calling abroad from the U.S.  for unlimited calling to landline telephones in seventy plus countries, and complaints about Stateside International Talk with mobile T-Mobile plans with unlimited calling to mobile numbers in thirty plus countries, plus 1000 mobile-to-mobile minutes to Mexico and discounted calling rates to other locations around the globe)
  • T-Mobile Premium Handset Protection Plan complaints (e.g., complaints about T-Mobile Premium Handset protection plan that provides coverage if your cell phone or wireless device is accidentally damaged, including water damage, malfunctioning due to mechanical or electrical breakdown, lost or stolen with deductibles and about filing claims at myPHPinfo.com)
  • T-Mobile UNCarrier Select Value Plan complaints (e.g., complaints about Select Value T-Mobile plans for former legacy, classic or grandfathered plan subscribers who migrated over to T-Mobile UNcarrier plans, including T-Mobile Slect Value Family plans, T-Mobile Select Value Individual Plans, T-Mobile Select Value Data Only plans, etc.)
  • T-Mobile Family Allowance complaints (e.g., complaints about managing minutes, messages and downloads for all lines on a T-Mobile account with T-Mobile Family Allowances for T-Mobile plans, including parent lines and managed lines)
  • T-Mobile Music Freedom (e.g., complaints about T-Mobile music freedom streaming music that does not count towards data usage including streaming services such as AccuRadio, BlackPlanet Radio, iHeartRadio, iTunes Radio, Grooveshark, Pandora, Radio Paradise, Rdio, Rhapsody, Samsung’s Milk Music, Slacker, Songza and Spotify)
  • T-Mobile Rhapsody unRadio and Rhapsody Premier plans (e.g., complaints about T-Mobile Rhapsody unRadio and T-Mobile Rhapsody Premier music streaming service T-Mobile plans with 20 million songs and access to thousands of FM/AM radio stations)
  • T-Mobile JUMP! (just upgrade my phone) complaints (e.g., complaints about T-Mobile JUMP! program for upgrading phones without restrictions, hassles and wait periods where T-Mobile pays the remaining Equipment Installment Plan (EIP plan) balance up to half of the original device purchase price when you upgrade your T-Mobile phone or device, complaints about filing damage claims for JUMP! phones with Assurant Solutions)

If You Have A Complaint About T-Mobile Plans, Including Your T-Mobile Data Plan, T-Mobile Voice or Talk Plan, T-Mobile Texting Plan or T-Mobile Long Distance Plan, Report Your T-Mobile Plan Complaints To A Wireless, Mobile & Cell Phone Consumer Protection Attorney.

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