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Sprint Complaints | Do You Have A Complaint About Sprint?

Do You Have A Complaint About Sprint? If You Have A Sprint Complaint, Share Your Sprint Complaints With Others And Report Your Sprint Complaint To A Wireless, Mobile & Cell Phone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

A team of wireless, mobile and cell phone consumer protection attorneys and lawyers are investigating potential Sprint complaints being made by current and former Sprint customers and subscribers about Sprint and/or Sprint wireless cell phone and mobile telecommunications products and services.

Sprint (formerly known as Sprint Nextel) is one of the largest wireless communications companies in the U.S and provides postpaid and prepaid wireless voice and data transmission services and products through the Sprint, Assurance Wireless, Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile brands to about 54 million Sprint subscribers, including retail consumers (individuals and families), businesses and governments, throughout the nation.sprint complaints

Sprint Complaints> Do You Have A Sprint Complaint?

Sprint complaints potentially being investigated include Sprint complaints about the following Sprint wireless, cell phone & mobile products & services, among others:

  • Sprint Plans (e.g., complaints about Sprint voice or talk calling plans, Sprint data plans and Sprint text messaging plans or texting plans, Sprint international plans, Sprint business plans, Sprint prepaid plans, Sprint Any Mobile Anytime features, the Sprint Unlimited Guarantee, and complaints about Sprint plan features and pricing, including monthly access charges, per-minute rates, overages and allowances, etc.)
    • Sprint Family Share Pack
    • Sprint Framily plan
    • Sprint Unlimited plan
    • Sprint My Way plan
    • Sprint My All-in plan
    • Sprint Business Advantage
  • Sprint Devices (e.g., Sprint complaints about basic Sprint handset devices such as Sprint cell phones, Sprint smartphones, Sprint tablets and other Sprint internet devices running operating systems such as Apple iOS, Google Android, Microsoft Windows and Blackberry, including complaints about Apple iPhone 5c and 5s, iPhone 4, Apple iPad Air, Apple iPad, Apple iPad mini with Retina display, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S5 Sport, Samsung Galaxy S4 mini, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S III, Samsung Galaxy ATIV S Neo, Sonim XP Strike, ZTE Sprint WeGo, Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, Samsung Galaxy Tab 4, Sprint Optik 2, Sprint Phone Connect System 1, HTC One M8, HTC 8XT, HTC One max, Kyocera Hydro Vibe, Kyocera Kona, Kyocera Hydro EDGE, Kyocera Verve, Kyocera DuraPlus, Kyocera DuraXT, Kyocera Torque, Kyocera  Event, Google Nexus 5, LG G3, LG G2, LG G Flex, LG Rumor Reflex, LG Optimus F3, Motorola Admiral, Motorola Moto G, Blackberry Q10, Blackberry Bold 9930 smartphone, Sprint LivePro, Sprint 3G/4G USB Modem 250U by Sierra Wireless, Netgear 341U USB Modem, MiFi 500 LTE by Novatel Wireless, Netgear Zing Mobile Hotspot, Merlin CC208 3G/4G 2-in-1 Card, Sierra Wireless 4G LTE Tri-Fi Hotpsot, etc.)
  • Sprint Network (e.g., complaints about the Sprint network and Sprint coverage areas, including the Sprint 4G LTE network, Sprint 4G Spark or TDD-LTE, Sprint 4G WiMAX and  Sprint 3G CDMA, Sprint wireless cell sites and cell towers, network reliability, dropped calls, data download and upload speeds, data throttling and data suspension, tethering, Sprint signal strength, Sprint cell phone reception, etc)
  • Sprint charges, fees and taxes (e.g., complaints about cramming or having unauthorized or unwanted charges or fees placed onto T-Mobile bills without permission or consent, complaints about being overcharged or paying too much for T-Mobile wireless products or services, Sprint complaints about data usage, minutes usage, and text message usage, complaints about one-time charges and monthly recurring charges, such as 911 surcharge, account restoration fee, activation fee for non-Simple Choice plans, early termination fee, late fee, regulatory programs fees, universal service fund fee, utility user tax, roaming charges, overages, usage charges, downloads, premium content charge, Equipment Installment Plan (EIP) charges, partial charges, taxes and surcharges, and other charges, Sprint BilltoMobile charges and purchases, reconnect fees, etc.)
  • Sprint refunds, adjustments and credits (e.g., complaints that you are owed refunds or credits in connection with your Sprint account, refund requests, refunds of activation deposits, overpayment refunds, credits for dropped calls)
  • Sprint billing and payments (e.g., Sprint complaints about being overbilled and other Sprint billing disputes, complaints about a Sprint account balance, Sprint telephone bills or account statements, bill due date, call detail, Sprint payment methods such as Sprint AutoPay automatic payments and pay over the phone, Sprint paperless billing or Sprint eBill, paying your bill online at mysprint.sprint.com, final bill payment, overpayments, credit balance, missing bills, paid bills sent to collections, etc.)
  • Sprint account management (e.g., complaints about Sprint wireless service being disconnected, suspended or terminated, etc)
  • Sprint telephone numbers and telephone access lines (e.g., complaints about porting Sprint phone number, adding, cancelling or terminating Sprint phone lines, activating or reactivating Sprint phone service, etc.)
  • Sprint cell phone calling features (e.g., voicemail, ringtones, caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, text messaging and SMS, text spam, and related Sprint complaints, etc.)
  • Other Sprint products and services (e.g., Sprint Easy Pay program, mobile insurance, warranties, protection plans, Sprint Guardian, Sprint Zone, Pinsight Media+, Sprint Velocity, Sprint Account Spending Limit Program, Total Equipment Protection, Assurant Advanced Protection, Total Equipment Protection Plus service repair and replacement coverage, etc.)
  • Sprint privacy and security related issues
  • Sprint offers, promotions, rewards, rebates and advertisements (e.g., complaints about Sprint wireless rewards or rebates or offers, or discounts)

If You Have A Sprint Complaint, Report Your Sprint Complaints To A Wireless, Mobile & Cell Phone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

Fill Out The Form On The Right To Request a Free Attorney Review Of Your Sprint Complaint.

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  • Malinda LaFramboise October 14, 2014, 3:50 pm

    Sprint was repairing my phone I paid for they sent it back to the warehouse with ALL OF MY PRIVATE PERSONAL FINACES INFORMATOIN, picture of my children videos of birth graduation etc and I was treated like garbage with disrespect being told I took to long to come and pick it up.

    Felicia from the Birch Run MI store was rude “no sweat off my back’ attitude would not transfer me to a supervisor, NO ONE CALLED ME FROM THE STORE TO ALERT ME THEY WERE SENDING IT BACK – I was told by Felicia the manager “it is not their job to baby sit. Too bad all of your pictures and videos are gone. We are not responsible for anything”
    She further went onto make up a LIE and state I took the new phone out of their building. ALL MY ERSOANL INFORMATION IS OUT THERE and I have a crying 16 year old daughter 18 year old son and 10 year old son that have NO RECORDED MEMBROES FOR THE INCOPENT DECISON OF SPRINT.



    • Rose Locricchio February 7, 2015, 3:28 am

      Just had experience with Sprint putting all my personal data out there too! Constanting getting “doxed” , meaning someone trying to get into all my accounts since! Girl, named Laura, in Chesterfield, MI store actually threw a phone at me, and her cohort in crime who uploaded all my data into a phone with two other people’s identities it was named Bret. Been ignore by Sprint since Dec. 1 and I’ve been customer for over 13 years! Can not believe the disrespect!

  • fran herskovitz October 17, 2014, 2:43 am

    your sprint commercial is the most annoying stupid sensless garbaqge with an animal hiding from the glass breaking because of screaming why would you shoe hurting an animal stupid garbage commkercial

    • Stephanie February 18, 2016, 1:13 am

      I have an 6plus only about three month’s old. I dropped it and it hit water. I have tried for over a week to get my phone fixed. No one will help me. All u want is help and I can’t get it. I wouldn’t recommend sprint to a dog… Upset

  • Will Dysinger November 2, 2014, 6:11 pm

    Sprint cellular refuses to explain or refund me for over $270+ dollars of “data” charges covering a span of 4-to-5 months. I have simple phones and do not do any browsing, email, premium texting, or any other thing I can think of. I have talked to them til I am blue in the face but no changes. I am not some Joe blow customer! I am a retired Sprint employee who has been loyal, maintaining a Sprint cellular account over 18 years! I not only will quit using thier service but will now tell everyone I can not to use them! I consider what they did to me to be “cramming” and will report it to both the FCC and FTC!

    • Karen October 10, 2015, 2:51 pm

      I am looking at my credit report and Sprint is still charging me for $120.00 in collections for the past 6 years that I reported them to the FTC for fraudulently charging me for data usage that I did not use. They claimed that I used the phone three way so they charged me three times the data usage. Problem is that I never used three way since I don’t know how to use it and never had any reason to use it. I took my phone in to sprint that claimed it had water damage on the back (red dot showed) and it might have compromised my calls. Since the phone was damaged,you think they would have dropped that nonsense about over data. They kept my account “current” in collections with Diversified collections even though my bill was paid off and I stopped using them in 2009. I paid my monthly bill that I owed and refused to pay the overtime since I did not do that. I also had an additional fee to pay for over time usage, but they did not take that into account that for any reason my account went over the allotted time, this additional fee would take care of it. Fraudulent company.

  • Rose Locricchio February 7, 2015, 3:21 am

    I have been dealing with this since
    Dec. 1, 2014. Turned in old phone for upgrade, was assured my personal data would be erased. Thought it was strange people in store wouldn’t let me reset my old phone myself, but been a customer for almost 13 years and never had problem before, so let it go. Turns out, when I got new phone I had other people’s personal data in my phone! Led me to believe my data is also out there now! Been calling, talking to supervisors, everything, ignored completely! a customer of 13 years! To make a long story short, spent many hours fixing phone with no help from Sprint. They kept blaming Apple!. My phone is synced to my computer, i pay a tech company every month for great security which includes telling date, time, and how many times someone is trying to access my accounts. And guess what? I didn’t have problems before but since Dec 1, 2014 when i turned in old phone, I’ve been getting “doxed” on a regular basis! Also, when I went to upgrade second line, The girl in store did not want me to reset phone myself. After four attempts asking why I couldn’t do it myself, she through the phone at me! I explained to her that since I had trouble with first upgrade Sprint customer service told me to reset phone myself. She snapped back at me that I will have problems anyways because Sprint’s system is so screwed up! I then said who’s lying to me then, you or Sprint? She answered Sprint! This a a Sprint employee, working in a Sprint store telling me this! Many more problems, can’t even get into now. Filed complaint #862458. Was told I would hear back from Sprint shortly three times after filing. STILL NOTHING!!!! I am mad as hell! Do not they not reset because of stupidity, carelessnes, or something more sinister, don’t know, can’t say. I do know someone is trying to get at my personal data thanks to Sprint. This is just tip of my story! I do NOT want another person to go through this nightmare!!!!! Please contact me at my email address. About to spread this all over social media I’m so mad. Trying to contain myself! And still waiting for Sprint to even ACKNOWLEDGE that I have been loyal customer all these years and don’t deserve to be treated this way! Oh, and when the in store girl threw phone at me, it hit me!!!! The store is at Chesterfield, MI. Bret and Laura were the reps, who seemed to be up to something for sure…

    • Prather December 20, 2015, 5:13 pm

      Thank you for sharing your experience. I’ll stay clear of Sprint.

  • Rose Locricchio February 7, 2015, 3:30 am

    If you want your personal data out there for everyone and total disrespect from customer service and store employees after being a customer for 13 years, go to SPRINT!!!!!!

  • Rose Locricchio February 7, 2015, 3:37 am

    Thanks to Sprint’s total disrespect for customer privacy, I have been getting cyber stalked for over two months now! just checked, another three attempts! This is a living nightmare!

  • Derek Collins February 11, 2015, 6:48 pm

    I am a government employee and I have been trying to get sprint to credit my monthly bill at 20% due to the government discount that I am due. For six months they have not made the credit possible, I have continuously contacted Sprint and in most cases told that I will receive the discount on the next bill. They continue to misinform me, currently I am looking for another phone provider.

  • Billy Logan February 11, 2015, 11:26 pm

    1/22/15 I was told I could recieve an upgrade. I made arrangements for my bill to be paid. I ask can I go to the store on the 1/23/15 to pick the new devices up. Sprint Rep. told me to go in and you can get it. Went in on 1/23/15 most ashamed. They went from employee to supervisor leaving me in a long line with people behind me. I spoke with another rep on that day no luck,then spoke with a supervisor no luck and the supervisor talked as if I was crazy for thinking I could get a phone without paying my bill. I just hang up and went on with my day. On 2/1/15 called to clean the arrangements up that were made incorrectly. So now I have arrangements set for 2/6/15. This arrangement was paid early Friday morning. I spoke with another Rep. to make the payment. She said you can go to the store on 2/7/15 to get the 2phones and two tablets. I asked her can you place the order in computer or place a note so I want have any problems. She said just go you should be ok. When I got there the same thing. No phones No tablets. So I called customer service again the supervisor talked to me like I did something wrong. Also told me you need to pay your bill on time and your arrangements are never kept. For 5 customers service reps. to repeat the same thing wrong I have a big problem. I went in store on Mon. 9th to pay my bill of 184.00 then I tried again for the phones. No luck I left the store and call customer service again. The first guy was great and tried to set everything up to be mailed. He called another department to help with the tablets. She did great. But on 2/11/15 I could not esign on my computer and she said that the only way you can recieve the phones. Then she set for me to go to the store at 5pm on 2/11/15. Just think I will only recieve the 2 phones. No tablets. The tablets will be put in the mail. This is extra time for me. So to take the chance of being ashamed today I cancelled the order. I use the service that sprint provides and my bill with 2 lines is 184.00 per month thats to much money and the company want responed to anything. Let supervisors talk to you with no respect. Been with sprint since 2005 a long time. Very upset customer!!!!!!!

  • April Tucker March 1, 2015, 12:52 am

    When we first started with sprint my husband added a phone to his account was only supposed to be like 19.00 extra dollars a month then we started to get bills for over 300.00 dollars per phone a month. He called and talked to them about it and we were supposed to be reimbursed for all the extra money we had to pay , We are stll waiting.

  • Basilisa Taylor March 21, 2015, 12:59 am

    I sign on for a free galaxy s 4 phone at Radio Shack in Camden NJ in Nov 2014. It was free with a 2 year contract. My bills have been very high and they never seem to be one rate. I signed up for sprints unlimited $50 plan. I was informed by atleast 4 Sprint representatives that the $50 unlimited plan only applied to iphones. I was not told this at the Radio Shack that I got it from. Now Radio Shacks have filed bankruptcy and they no longer exists. I feel I am being treated unfairly and this problem should be retified or the contract should be void. I have no problem returning a phone that was supposed to be free but was a trap to bait me. Please let me know if I can or should acquire legal representation.

  • Kiva G April 14, 2015, 2:41 pm

    Sprint has been charging me surcharges and taxes from 2003 for services in three different cities…each time I moved, they failed to delete the the city I moved from and just added the taxes and surcharges for the city I moved to. Simple math without compounding or adding interest brings the total of excess charges to well over $700. I complained; they said they’d put in a “ticket”. Over a month later someone called me. After giving me an “explanation” which was nonsense, they admitted they were not from Sprint and then hung up. I cannot locate anyone at Sprint to rectify this issue. Anyone known who to contact in Sprint, or better yet, in Washington State, to whom to I report this to?

  • Mirza June 12, 2015, 9:35 pm

    For two weeks I have been circling sprint stores to run my credit report . The sprint is continually telling me that you credit reports are frozen but able to approve me for one line. Down payment of 500 dollars. I have contacted the credit bureau and was informed the issue is on sprint side. The sprint is continually pulling old data. I have read so many complaints about. Sprints and I’m having a second thoughts.

  • Jen June 16, 2015, 9:05 pm

    Sprint owed by daughter $450+ for a rebate we have been waiting over 6 months now have gone in 3 times trying to get it they have done nothing but give us the run around!!! I would NEVER NEVER have Sprint as a carrier they have very poor customer service with NO RESULTS! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND TIME DO NOT ever sign a contract with sprint!!!!!

  • karen July 13, 2015, 6:03 am

    My New galaxy s5 sprint phone 0 bars in my house it will not connect to wifi. I’ve been told it’s my tower. I’ve been in this house eight years with Sprint. Never had a problem before. They just keep dancing me around in circles hoping I’ll forget. Now they’re costing me money I cannot get on my computer because I have no wifi. Which means I cannot pay my bills. They should be ashamed of themselves. They’ve known the problem what’s going on for a long long time. I’ve been with sprint 15 years and I believe I’m done!

  • Kris July 24, 2015, 2:42 pm

    They lied and did not give us new numbers. We keep blocking numbers from people we don’t know and they still come through. Service is terrible. They keep overcharging me and tacked on city limit fees. Harassing me with voicemails that I owe almost $200 but my bill of $115 was paid by autopsy. And my daughter is a minor. They keep texting her phone to upgrade even though I told them to stop.

  • Daniel scoglietti August 11, 2015, 12:09 am

    Sprint wwnt went into my debit card and took $483, that i did not authorize. Been fighting with them since 8/5/2105 to get money back. Just getting run around

  • Cheryl August 12, 2015, 3:12 am

    My phone was stolen, had a new phone shipped from Assurion Insurance, phone was found the day I received the new phone, they would not allow me to send it back, said I had to keep it, so I asked to have the found phone re-activated, no problem, then my phone completely shuts down last week, re-activated an old iphone 4 so I would have a phone, Sprint reps don’t tell me I can hard start my phone before activating the old i4, I google the problem and see I can hard start it, so I did, and then wanted the i5 turned back on and they said it could never be turned on because it was flagged as stolen, funny I’ve been using it for the last two months after I reported it found, but suddenly I cannot use it now. Once my old phone was found, I gave the new phone that I paid $200 for to a friend’s daughter, so I don’t have that any longer. They are trying to force me to buy a new phone, bunch of crooks. I am going to switch providers once my contract is up, and I have been with them for many years, I will suffer with the iphone 4 until my contract is up. Screw You SPRINT. I might even pay the early cancellation fee just so I don’t give you money for the next year, very unhappy with this whole situation.

  • Freddie August 15, 2015, 10:49 pm

    Called and went to a sprint store located in lake mary Florida. Wanted to upgrade my phone but they never return calls and when in the store very rude and unprofessional . I’ve been av sprint customer for around 15 years might try Verizon.

  • Mary Myers August 17, 2015, 4:35 pm

    I have been a Sprint wireless customers for more than ten years. And I am feeling like I stayed to long. I started out with everything plan (awesome plan). I was told sprint wasn’t going to offer plan anymore and had change. So I did. Hated..it..I have been change to the easy pay, as well as the lease, which have now. Hate it more!! I was fully told that if I cancelled phone lines with sprint and turn in phones I would still owe sprint for the full price of phone and cancellation fees (WTF?) this worse than signing a two year contract..way worse. I was never told this but then again Sprint sales staff are good at double talking, that I have no way out from sprint. With the lease program if terminate contract give the devices back I’m penalized 4 hundred plus as well hundred dollars plus, never opening the device or being as to use device without sprint. I’ve been hood winked, bamboozled by sprint. With no way out. In the mean time sprint changes my plan according what they think I need and charge me for everything under the sun that they can get away with. Help!! Need out!! How is that for a loyality

  • Albert Tacke August 25, 2015, 6:06 pm

    I moved into a dead zone over a month ago. After 25 calls to customer care they say I still have to honor my part of the contract. I have paid them over 2500 dollars since January and they say I’ll have to pay over 400 more to get out. I have limited calling, dropped calls, no data. Please help.

  • Syd Roy August 29, 2015, 4:08 pm

    Sprint has been my service provider for 13 years; I even have the same phone number. However, when I bought my smart phone for too much on a pay plan, they told me the deductible was $ 50, now to find out it is $300. I have been on the phone for 2 days outside the States, and in the US with 5 different directions on how to get another phone. Darrius at the local Memphis office, on Poplar was VERY RUDE and did not care about helping me via phone, when I asked what phone I could bring in for a back up. I Can NOT afford $300. Once that phone bill is paid off I will NEVER use Sprint.
    They do NOT care about your issues and each person gives a different answer. I waited ONE hour to get their email for info, as my phone is dead, and it never arrived. The Assurion office is useless too, and they don’t care or even connect with what your plan is. All around, Sprint needs to take care of the customer. Their connection service and phone is average, but their customer support is a F PLUS in my opinion. Don’t buy from them!!!!!!

  • hajra mudassar September 8, 2015, 12:27 am

    Jan 2015 sprint charge unfair I paid activation charges in store both phobe with tex company charge twice ontime I get time extension for bill dis contact and collect.reactivate fee dosr not get vack my refund each payment I pay custeromer servivce dep you never pay ontime behind your payment all bill sequencing I have waiting your reply

  • Amanda September 14, 2015, 3:37 pm

    From: amanda.roberts05@hotmail.com
    To: sprintcares@sprint.com
    Subject: I need to talk to someone ASAP
    Date: Mon, 14 Sep 2015 10:13:04 -0500

    Hello I have been with Sprint for a year now and I have had multiple issues and I no longer have the time to deal with them. I just spoke to your customer service and they were extremely rude to me. I was trying to do was confirming the credits on my account that was given to me for end of July beginning of August. I have spoke to more than thirty reps and have visited the store multiple times. I was just now told there was a mistake and I do not have any credits on my account which is not True. I called two weeks a go and spoke to a gentlemen named Mark and he said everything was set, but just to call back by the 15th to make sure they were implemented so you guys would not turn off my service. I called this morning and was on hold for 25 minutes and then the Rep got on the phone too set things up and said he needs to talk to his sup so then I was disconnected and never called back. I called back and I was on hold for 42 minutes then a girl got on the phone and told me I was not correct and I said I would like a supervisor. The Supervisor got on the phone and after I explained it again she said no there was a mistake and she could give me $100 credit and set up a payments arrangement. According to multiple reps and a supervisor I am not suppose to have a bill until end of November. I am always willing to compromise so I said okay well take care of this month and half of next month and we will be good. She said she was not allowed to do that and they were not allowed to issue credits, but all the sudden she can do $100. I am tired of the run around and I would like to get this solved please. Thank for your time!

    Amanda Roberts

  • tony matthews September 18, 2015, 6:26 pm

    The rebate service department is very bad. I submitted my rebate in July. Call about it in early September. They say , we can find it. Email us the receipt. I send the receipt. No response. I called today. Talk to 3 people. Finally, they say I see it. Then you tell me that I got to wait 6 to 8 more weeks because no one check the mail or email to receive my check. So, in other words. Allow us 4 months to send you a rebate check but faithfully take your money quick. Very poor service.

  • Douglas Woods October 13, 2015, 10:48 pm

    After almost 12 years with Verizon I decided to change to Sprint due to cost. On September 01 we got our new phones 3 LG G4’s, 1 iPhone, 1 Galaxy6 and an LG tablet. We we’re told that since we belonged to a credit union all activation fees will be waved and that since I’m a LEO I would get a 20% discount. Our montly fee would be $250. per month. Our first bill came 2 weeks later at a cost of $670 and 2 weeks after that a another bill came for $459. Both bills were taken back to the point if purchase and we were told by Phil the manager that was a big mistake. My wife’s phone almost never works, I can call her numerous times during my shift with no answer or call back. We have complained numerous times with no fix. We have spent at least 1day every week ever since we switched at the Sprint store.Please we need some help!

  • Justin rockhill October 13, 2015, 11:55 pm

    Well let’s see I got an upgrade notification and I call sprint care and got sent around in circles one person say I can and another says I cant Pluss they hung up on me and of curse I got nowhere looking to switch companies

  • Dan smith October 17, 2015, 12:01 am

    Bin in the sprint store in Westminster for over two hours whating for service when they walk by me they look the other way looks like I will be looking for a new phone carrier

  • Brenda December 29, 2015, 12:46 am

    I was with Sprint/Nextel for many years. I found out they were charging me for a cellphone plan that I did not request. I found out they were charging me for service for an IPhone 5 or IPhone 6 when I had a Sanyo phone and it would not perform the services they were charging me for. I talked to many customer service personnel and got no help. Finally had do to cancel service.

  • Tiffany January 17, 2016, 9:42 pm

    I am a new customer to Sprint, I paid $150 in store for the phones and activation fees, less than one month later I paid $129 for “first months bill”, when my second bill came it was nearly trippled. it was $430. I called Sprint customer service and went into Sprint store and no one was able to help, Sprint employee stated that they did not know why I was charged, then they told me that the extra charges were activation fee’s.

  • Jennifer January 26, 2016, 4:12 pm

    Sprint’s customer service is awful. Everything is outsourced to Guatemala and the representatives have a difficult time understanding. The hold times have increased dramatically. I have been with Sprint for 10 years and I am so upset over the horrendous treatment.

  • mervell February 9, 2016, 2:03 pm

    The letter that was send out about leasing the iphone or samsung 5 for five dollars a month its not so I only charge for several month and then it went to twenty dollars a month I got the run around sprint don’t value they customers I had to bring the letter in order to get ths pnone it turn out to be the worst deal I ever made they plans are not base on the average customer budget no matter what you do it seen your bill is high they don’t have one that fit you you have to pay attention to your bill have a good one blessing to you

  • THERESA ABERNATHY March 4, 2016, 3:04 pm

    My phone’s charging port was broken, and could not be charged, the phone was only 10 months old, and I had no insurance on it, because the insurance is useless. Sprint did a nice thing by allowing me to renew my contract early, but then the horror story begin. I was offered a new phone through customer service, for 199, I wanted to look in the store for the phone to see if I would like it, well the store on Shackleford in little rock said , they didn’t service two year contracts, so I went to university ave store and looked at the phone, and they charged me 249 dollars for phone, they didn’t have the phone I wanted, The I bought didn’t work, so I took it back the next day and was charged a restock fee of 35 dollars, even though I was told I had 14 days to return, It would be good it sprint had standards throughout its company from telephone internet and the actual store, trying to buy a phone from them is, confusing, and ridiculously expensive. Its like all the cell phone companies have turned against the customers.

  • Ken Taylor March 8, 2016, 8:46 pm

    I’ve been a loyal customer to sprint for over 10 years I recently moved and the area I moved into sprint cannot provide me with good service. I was on the phone with them for hours trying to get them to get me better service. I work with them for over three weeks. Explain to them I couldn’t continue using them with the poor service and should not be charged an early termination fee. I was told they would take care of it but then I received a bill and was charged early termination fees. I refuse to pay it and now its in collections and putting a mark on my credit.

  • Ron Ramirez March 23, 2016, 12:54 am

    Loyalty plan I was never told when I leased the 3 phones from Sprint that it was for only 12 months not the 24 months plan.

  • Max Brown March 25, 2016, 5:13 am

    I have to say that after hours support/sales used to be something that they offered. But no longer is that an option. I just got done trying to activate my wifes phone that was 100% covered under an LG warranty and I received 100% no support!!! I even tried to call sales and they were closed at 9pm AZ time!!! I was going to upgrade to Samsung G7 phones just to get the hour long wait over with to talk to someone but they obviously dont need the new sign on business!!! Sprint can forever try to continue to conduct business this way, but Cricket and the Walmart plans will soon out do them on the customer service side. That is truth, and RIP Sprint. You’re customer service has hit an all time low! And I am a 12 year customer!!!

  • Max Brown March 25, 2016, 5:14 am

    Hopefully they change their ways.

    • Max Brown March 25, 2016, 5:18 am

      If you edit my comment then i will re-post elseware and re-publish likns to this site. And others that will post screen shots of original posts so folks wont be confused.

  • Candace Wilkins April 6, 2016, 10:53 am

    I to will also be leaving Sprint as soon as I can pay the early termination fee. I have been with them for less than 2 years and at the begining it took them 4 months to straighten out my bill. Everything was fine until about late September, when my identity that was compromised had been finally used causing me alot of financial problems and still is. So starting in December I have been making arrangements to pay my bill. Do to the fraud on my name I have had to had my debit cards replaced twice. During both of these times I had to submit an E-check for payment for the bill. With money in the account for some strange reason the charges are reversed but then the same day I’ll make it with the debit card that had gottten her the day of reversed payment. My debit card is attahed to my bank during these times instead of sending ou a courtsey text or email that they are going to suspend your account. This has happened now twice once in January and now. I have verified with my back that they never submitted the E-check and they didn’t reject it. This company i a joke ad they have shitty ass customer service.

  • Suzanne grube April 12, 2016, 1:14 pm

    I GOT RID of sprint they have the worse customer care ?? They don’t CARE !! At all I’m proudly with at/t good bye a SPRINT forever I’m telling all my friends and business owner my story and they will GET RID of them too as of April 11 2016 I was with fighting yearly for 15 yrs worried to switch because of sprints bad 2 yr s boo on your sprint business I’m a business owner also but I will not screw my customers LIKE SPRINT DOES best thing I’ve done in a awhile !!!😀

  • Tammy April 17, 2016, 7:11 pm

    The latest commercial for Sprint is disgusting. The girl dancing in the commercial acts likes someone high on crack and she is morally offensive. It is the worst commercial that I have seen yet. Why can’t they do better commercials? Do they want to lose business and go bankrupt? What is the deal????

  • Shannon April 25, 2016, 6:49 pm

    Sprint lied to me about being eligible for a upgrade & are now charging me $90 per phone (iPhone forever plan) with all the hidden fees it’s increased my bill for $140 a month to $350. Idk what to do. I have a severely autistic child & my older children babysit while I work 7 days a week. I need a phone. I get zero help from anyone. I’m getting nowhere talking to sprint. How can they get away with this?

  • Chevronda Williams May 9, 2016, 12:51 am

    I’ve been with Sprint for over 13 years and loved the service until I decided to add 3 more lines to my account. They promised me that I would save $100 from what my husband and I were paying seperate for all of our phone lines. I’m actually paying $100 more and I have to call every month since adding these lines to get my bill adjusted. They’ll work with me and promise I won’t have to call again but I still have to call and the representatives aren’t noting my account and i have to explain the situation over and over again. I am feed up with Sprint and looking for a new company.

  • Kathy May 15, 2016, 11:34 am

    Horrible customer service ever, you have 14 days on a new phone and they do NOT stand behind it!

  • Ron May 16, 2016, 5:18 pm

    I pay for 2gb of hot-spot data every month and it is to be reset on the 9th of each month, so why is it that I can’t use any of it until the 19th of every month.

  • Jackie May 18, 2016, 4:55 pm

    I’ve been a loyal customer of Sprint for 8yrs and the way I was treated and lie to was unsetting and uncalled for. I’ve been dealing with different customer service representative which gave me different promises that never came thru. I had my boyfriend at the time on my account without a contract and unfortunately it didn’t work but sprint gave me the option for him to take ownership to his account. They gave him a credit check and assigned him a account, we did all the proper step to complete this transaction and it all went thru but Sprint keep charging more than I had to pay. I spoke with 3 people 1 being a Supervisor who authorized a reduction of $108 but it never changed on my bill. They informed me not to pay that it would come off on the next billing cycle. Of course bill went even higher. I called AGAIN and of course I was promised that it would be taken care of BUT to my surprise I was told differently. My ex cancelled his account with Sprint and now Sprint decided to add his balance to my account because he use to be on mine and instead of charging him they chose me. Instead of helping they told me to find him and get the money from him. I don’t know where he’s at it’s not my problem to find it. VERY UPSET, I just need to pay my accessories and for the new phone and I’ll be done with Sprint… T-mobile here I come

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