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U.S. Telecom Long Distance Charges or Fees?

If You Were Billed Or Charged For U.S. Telecom Long Distance Charges That You Did Not Authorize, Share Your Experience With Others And Report Your U.S. Telecom Complaints To A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

Have you been billed for US Telecom Long Distance charges and fees on your local phone bill that you never authorized? Have you had your preferred long distance carrier changed or switched without your authorization?

A team of long distance telephone consumer protection attorneys and lawyers are investigating potential complaints being made by telephone customers about being charged or billed for U.S. Telecom long distance charges and fees on their telephone bills without their authorization or permission.

US Telecom long distance network access charge U.S. Telecom LD bill fee instatfee

Have You Been Billed For Unauthorized Charges & Fees By U.S. Telecom?

U.S. Telecom fees and charges potentially being investigated include:

  • US Telecom Long Dist monthly service fees (long distance charges or adjusted long distance charges)
  • U.S. Telecom Long Distance per-minute charges or per-call charges
  • USBI billing on behalf of US Telecom or billed by USBI on behalf of US Telecom Long Dist
  • U.S. Telecom network access charge (Netwk Access Charge)
  • US Telcom Long Distance bill fees (USTelecom LD Bill Fee or ustelcmbillstatmnt fee)
  • Other additional fees related to long distance calls (Univ Svc Fnd, USF carrier admin fee, carr rcv fee)

Have you been billed for US Telecom Long Dist services that you didn’t authorize purchase or order or charged by US Telecom for long distance calls that you never made or accepted?

If You Believe You Were Wrongly Billed or Charged For US Telecom Long Distance Charges, Report Your U.S. Telecom Complaint To A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

Fill Out The Form On The Right To Request a Free Attorney Review Of Your US Telecom Complaint.

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