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Telephone Slamming Complaints | Has Your Long Distance Phone Company Been Switched, Slammed or Changed Without Your Permission , Authorization or Consent?

Was Your Long Distance Phone Provider Changed Without Your Consent?  If You Believe You Are A Victim of Telephone Slamming And Had Your Preferred Long Distance Carrier Switched Without Your Permission, Share Your Long Distance Slamming Complaints With Others and Report Slamming To A Telephone Consumer Protection Attorney.

A team of long distance telephone slamming & consumer protection attorneys and lawyers are investigating potential telephone slamming complaints being made by telephone customers and subscribers that their long distance telephone service was changed without their permission.telephone slamming complaints

Before a telephone provider can place an order or request to switch you to another local or long distance telephone provider, it must obtain the customer’s permission and verify your decision to switch carriers by: (1) independent third party verification (containing, among other things, confirmation that you are authorized to make the change, confirmation that you want to make the change, that you understand that you are authorizing a company change and not just an upgrade to your existing service, bill consolidation or other potentially misleading description, the name of the telephone companies affected by the change, the telephone number affected by the switch and the types of services being changed), (2) by a written letter of agency or LOA (containing, among other things, each number being switched, a statement that you intend to change from your current authorized telephone company to the new company and a statement that you understand there may be charges for such change) or (3) by providing you a toll-free phone number to call to confirm electronically (which call is made from the telephone number that will be switched and that records your request to change telephone providers).

According to the FCC, if you have been slammed and discover it after you paid your bill, the slamming company is required to pay your authorized service provider 150 percent of the charges you paid the slamming company and your authorized provider is required to reimburse you 50 percent of the charges or you can request to have the charges recalculated and a new bill sent to you using the authorized providers rates.  If your long distance was slammed, you also can try asking your local phone company to switch you back to the long distance carrier of your choice and you can also try asking to put a carrier freeze on your account so that your long distance cannot be changed in the future until the freeze is removed.

If You Believe You Were Slammed, i.e., Had Your Long Distance Telephone Service Provider Changed or Switched Without Your Permission, Authorization or Consent, Report Your Slamming Complaints To A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

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