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Onelink Comm. Inc. Long Distance Charge & Fees?

If You Were Billed Or Charged For Onelink Comm. Inc. Long Distance Charges That You Did Not Authorize, Share Your Experience With Others And Report Your Onelink Comm. Complaints To A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

Have you been billed for Onelink Comm long distance charges and fees on your local phone bill that you never authorized?

A team of long distance telephone consumer protection attorneys and lawyers are investigating potential complaints being made by telephone customers about being charged or billed for Onelnk Comm. Inc. long distance charges and fees on their telephone bills without their authorization or permission.

Onelink Comm. Inc. long distance Onelnk Premr Mthlyfee

Have You Been Billed For Unauthorized Charges & Fees By Onelink Comm?

Onelink Comm. Inc. fees and charges potentially being investigated include:

  • Onelink Comm. Inc. monthly service fees (long distance charges or adjusted long distance charges)
  • One-link Comm. Long Distance per-minute charges or per-call charges
  • USBI billing on behalf of Onelink Comm Inc. or billed by USBI on behalf of Onelink Comm. Inc.
  • One-Link Premier Monthly Fee (Onelnk Premr Mthlyfee)
  • Other additional fees related to long distance calls (Univ Svc Fnd, USF carrier admin fee)

Have you been billed for One link Comm. long distance services that you did not authorize purchase or order or charged by One-link Comm. Inc. for long distance calls that you never made or accepted?

If You Believe You Were Wrongly Billed or Charged For One-link Comm. Inc. Long Distance Charges, Report Your Onelink Comm. Complaint To A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

Fill Out The Form On The Right To Request a Free Attorney Review Of Your Onelink Comm. Complaint.

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  • SYLVIA ZAPATA March 18, 2015, 4:28 pm

    Since Dec. 2014 I have been paying for long distance service not authorized by me or my father. I pay my father’s telephone bill, he’s blind, hard of hearing and does not speak English. The company told me my father authorized it and he said he did not. He gets calls all the time and he tells them no. How can AT&T allow this? I asked AT&T if they could remove this and they said no, call the company and cancel with them. How can they add this charge to the bill but they are not able to remove it. He also has charges from a Tele Circuit long distance added to his bill, two companies and he has not even made a long distance call on any of the two. I wish I could get my money back. I asked AT&T what happened if I did not pay the additional charges, they said they would disconnect.

  • Juan Jose Gonzalez June 18, 2015, 9:48 pm

    Since March I have been charged a small amount of $6.43, but it is building up. Was factured by USBI on behalf of ONELINK COMM.IN company I do not know, nor has been authorized to create account.
    It is supposed that AT&T defends its customers,but is possible that they have a contract to squeeze the customers,so they are acting as Corporating bandits.
    AT&T is not better than them, and their account says that if you don pay the whole amount you can get cancellation of services. They don’t need a gun ,billing stick up is enough.
    Actually they owed me a month a paid by mistake.
    What can we do ?

  • Ray Barro October 24, 2015, 3:54 pm

    Got billed for $6.43 on my AT&T bill by USBI on behalf of ONELINK COMM, INC which I never ordered and can’t deduct from my bill because it will affect my AT&T service. AT&T why hold us hostage with third party billings? I understand that company’s call all the time offering your customers all sorts of services but you need to verify before billing us for a third party or at least deny those third bills unless we, “your customers”, call you to approve them. I would never make a deduction on your bill without calling and getting your approval please have the same consideration with me, again your customer, before randomly billing me for a third party service that was never ordered, never approved nor ever verified.

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