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Lawsuits & Settlements | Wronged By A Phone Company or Telephone Service Provider? You May Be Entitled To Recover Money or Obtain Other Relief From A Lawsuit or Settlement

If You Have Been Wronged By A Phone Company or Telephone Service Provider, You May Be Able To Recover Compensation From A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawsuit Case, Arbitration Proceeding or Settlement Claim.

Do you have a potential telephone consumer protection lawsuit case, arbitration or settlement claim? Do you believe that your legal rights may have been violated?  Are you owed money?  Have you been wronged?  Do you want to fight back?

A team of telephone consumer protection lawyers and attorneys is investigating potential lawsuit cases, claims and complaints of telephone consumers who believe that their legal rights may have been violated by phone companies or telephone service providers.

Potential lawsuit or arbitration cases and settlement claims being investigated include, the following types of lawsuits cases, arbitrations and settlement claims, among others:phone lawsuit case settlement arbitration claim

  • Breach of contract or breach of tariff cases
  • Consumer fraud lawsuit cases (false advertising, misrepresentation, deceit, hidden fees, undisclosed charges, bait and switch, schemes to defraud, illegal billing, deceptive acts or conduct, etc.)
  • Statutory violations (e.g., violations of Communications Act of 1934 and Telecommunications Act of 1996, 47 U.S.C 201, 202, 206 and 207, Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA, Federal Truth in Billing, etc.)
  • Violations of federal regulations and orders (e.g., violations of FCC regulations and orders)
  • Violations of State Public Utility Commission regulations and orders (CPUC)
  • Cramming lawsuits & slamming lawsuits
  • Unfair competition law and antitrust lawsuits
  • Breach of warranty cases
  • Unjust enrichment and money had and received
  • RICO lawsuits
  • Privacy lawsuits
  • Other potential legal claims and lawsuit cases

Plaintiffs or claimants who bring a lawsuit or arbitration can, depending on the type of claim and other factors, potentially seek the following types of legal relief, among others: compensatory damages, statutory damages, punitive damages, treble damages, pre or post judgment interest, declaratory relief, equitable relief or injunctive relief, rescission, disgorgement,  attorneys fees, etc.

If you have been wronged by a telephone company or telephone service provider, you may be able to recover money or other relief from a lawsuit case, arbitration or settlement claim.

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  • Mark Koncsol February 8, 2015, 11:00 pm

    Upon signing up for Sprint Wireless service I was provided a Subscriber Agreement which I signed. In the agreement it clearly states the monthly recurring charges. I am now being charged $7.99 per month for a “Spending Limit Program” which is stated nowhere n the agreement. Even more ludicrous is that I enrolled in a “unlimited text & data plan so where does this company get the gull to charge me for a program relating to a spending limit?

  • Olga Castro July 15, 2015, 9:21 pm

    I was charged for services I did not authorize in my Centurylink internet bill, namely AtEase Ultra $19.99/month and $13.99 proration that they don’t want to credit me. It seems that from month to month there are charges one after another. I want out and another $200 early termination fee will be charged. What can I do!? I live on $733/month!! This is the ultimate fraud. I know I’m not the only one.

  • Pamela October 6, 2015, 10:59 am

    Tmobile owes me a 1000.00s in credits and so I now I want my money.and they are sayin I didn’t pay phone off. I have paid my bill for two years faithfully.

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