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Unauthorized Collect Call Charges | Billed or Charged For Collect Calls That You Did Not Accept?

If You Have A Complaint About A Collect Call Charge or Fee On Your Telephone Bill or Were Wrongly Charged Or Billed For Collect Calls That You Did Not Accept, Share Your Experience With Others And Report Your Collect Call Complaints To A Consumer Protection Attorney or Lawyer.

Have you been billed for collect calls that you never accepted?  Have collect call charges appeared on your telephone bill even though you never knowingly provided positive acceptance of the call (i.e., you never agreed to accept the collect call, but were charged for the collect call anyways?).

A collect call (sometime referred to as a reverse call charge) is a phone call in which the calling party wishes to place a telephone call at the called party’s expense.  Collect calls are often made from payphones (including inmate calls from prisoners at prisons, jails and correctional facilities using a pay phone), hospitals or hotels, among others.unauthorized collect call charges not accepted

Generally, if someone tried to call you collect, you must first agree to accept the collect call and pay the collect call charges before the call can continue and before you can be billed for the collect call.  Positive acceptance for a collect call may consist of someone pressing one or more digits on a touchtone phone (i.e., pressing 5 on your dial pad, etc) or giving verbal acceptance of a collect call to an operator who assists in connecting the call.

Unfortunately, consumers sometimes complain that they were billed for unauthorized collect call charges for collect calls made without their having provided any indication that they had accepted the call.  Some may complain that they were not home on the day or at the time that the call was made (i.e., they were at work, on vacation, or running errands, etc.) or that the collect call went straight to their voicemail or was picked up by their answering machine (some may even have a recording of the collect call on their voice mail message or answering machine).  Others complain that they specifically indicated that they did not want to accept the collect call charges (i.e., they pressed a button on their phone to block the collect calls such as 77, they told the telephone operator that they did not wish to accept the call, etc.).

If You Have A Complaint About Collect Call Charges or Fees On Your Telephone Bill or Were Wrongly Billed or Charged For Collect Calls, Share Your Story With Others and Report Your Collect Call Complaint To A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

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If You Have A Complaint About A Telephone Charge or Fee or Were Wrongly Billed or Charged, Share Your Story With Others By Posting A Comment Below.