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Unauthorized Inmate Phone Call Charges | Wrongly Charged Extra, Additional or Ancillary Fees For Inmate Phone Calls In Addition To The Per Call Costs?

If You Were Wrongly Charged Fees For Inmate Phone Calls That You Did Not Authorize, Share Your Experience With Others And Report The Unauthorized Inmate Phone Call Charges To A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

Have you been socked with inmate phone call charges that you did not authorize? Were you charged fees for inmate phone calls and inmate calling services above and beyond the cost of the actual call?

In addition to charging recipients of inmate calls for the length or duration of an inmate phone call (i.e., per minute charge) and for connecting an inmate call (i.e., per call charge), some inmate calling service providers also tack on various fees and charges (sometimes referred to as ancillary fees).

Such extra fees and charges may include the following types of fees and charges:

inmate phone calls charges fees ancillary extra additional

  • charges to fund a prepaid inmate calling account (pay by phone fees, western union fees, pay via internet charges)
  • account setup fees
  • convenience fees
  • prepayment fees
  • prepaid calling account forfeitures upon inmate’s release from prison or jail
  • single call program fees
  • wireless validation surcharges (fees for calling a wireless number, wireless administration fee, prepaid wireless fee)
  • billing cost recovery fees (LEC billing cost recovery, direct billing cover recovery fee)
  • carrier cost recovery fees
  • regulatory cost recovery fees (federal regulatory cost recovery fee, federal cost recovery surcharge, regulatory assessment fee, regulatory compliance fee, federal USF cost recovery fee, federal regulatory recovery fee, USF administrative fee)
  • administrative fees
  • monthly maintenance fees
  • network infrastructure fee
  • non-subscriber fee
  • public telephone surcharge (payphone surcharge)
  • premise impose fee
  • single bill fees or bill statement fee (printed statement fee, single bill statement fee, billing statement processing fees)
  • bill processing fee (bill processing charge)
  • inactivity fee
  • minimum required balance fees
  • other monthly fees and charges
  • fees to add money to a debit or prepaid account
  • refund fee
  • credit card transaction fees
  • account closure fees
  • deposit fees
  • replenishment fees

A team of inmate calling service consumer protection attorneys and lawyers are investigating potential complaints of individuals and families who claim they were wrongly charged additional, extra or ancillary fees for inmate phone calls in addition to per minute and per call charges.

If You Have Been Wrongly Charged Extra, Additional or Ancillary Fees For Inmate Phone Calls, Report Inmate Phone Call Charges To A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

Fill Out The Form On The Right To Request a Free Attorney Review Of Your Complaint About Being Wrongly Charged For Inmate Phone Calls.

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  • Judith Venegas March 19, 2015, 8:15 pm

    They are duplicating my calls that I am not receiving..I’ve tried speaking to a supervisor ands the two was quick to hang up w me when u questioned my calls being duplicated on same amount but different dates…They are stealing from consumers and think they can do it by cheating us out of calls…there needs to be a class action suit against then for fees and stealing.

  • Amanda Greve March 19, 2015, 11:14 pm

    Im a being over charge when im connected to a call or my call dosnt connect ive talk to two people about this and they gave me two different stories about the charges and fee and they tell me that there is nothing they can do I would apperiate it if someone can help me with the problems im having and refund me the money but untill then im not using gtl

  • Deborah nelson July 29, 2015, 9:18 pm

    I’ve been over charged by this company in many ways. Extra fees charging extra unused minutes and charging taxes they can’t explain. When is a lawyer going to go after this co.? I’d like to join a suite myself. It’s not the dollars it’s the principal foe me. Biggest rip off compay I’ve seen in years!

  • Teri February 22, 2016, 9:01 am

    Telmate is the absolute worst company I’ve ever dealt with. So many issues I have with them, but the biggest issue is one I don’t see many consumers complain about… No monthly, itemized statements!! In fact other than confirm notices they send to my email when I put $ on my F&F, I have no itemized list to know what I spent. IOW, I am supposed to TRUST them to either not double or over charge me or else try to fit everything I paid for that month together from my bank statement, my email and their website which is next to impossible.

    On their website, you can see the last 10 transactions only, BUT all you can see is DATE, AMOUNT and whether it’s a CREDIT OR DEBIT. THEY DONT EVEN LIST WHAT THE ITEM IS !! I mean, WHY wouldn’t you say whether it was a photo or text or deposit or profile pic or video visit or voicemail, etc? ??!?

    Text is 25 cents for a lousy 500 chars. , and photos are the same whether they approve or deny the pics for reasons I can’t at all make sense of. We can each post numerous texts or pics in a day and each is considered an item. 10 of them and then you no longer can see it online.

    On days we don’t text or pics, I’ve found 25 cent charges before. When I called them to tell them they charged for something we didn’t do that day, I was told that charges can be listed online + or – 1-2 days!!! WHAT?? I can’t keep track of my charges that way. It’s so ridiculous it seems like it’s set up intentionally like that so people spend without realizing just how much.

    Oh and if you call and ask d

If You Have A Complaint About Charges or Fees For Prison Calls or Jail Calls, Share Your Prison Call Complaints With Others By Leaving A Comment Below.