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AT&T Complaints | Do You Have A Complaint About AT&T?

If You Have A Complaint About Your AT&T Telephone Service, Share Your AT&T Complaint With Others And Report Your AT&T Complaints To A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

A team of telephone consumer protection lawyers and attorneys are investigating potential complaints being made by current and former AT&T customers, including consumer (individuals and families), business and government AT&T subscribers, about AT&T and/or AT&T telephone and telecommunications products and services.

Do You Have an AT&T Complaint?red phone 

AT&T is a leading provider of telecommunications products and services in the U.S., offering AT&T wireless communications, AT&T local exchange services for making local telephone calls, AT&T long-distance services, AT&T data/broadband and Internet services (AT&T U-Verse), video services, telecommunications equipment, managed networking, and wholesale services.

AT&T complaints potentially being investigated include, among others, complaints about AT&T wireless phone products and services (i.e., complaints about AT&T Mobility cell phone and mobile phone services), complaints about AT&T landline telephone products and service (e.g., complaints about AT&T wireline and fixed line telephone service provided by various AT&T Local Exchange Carriers or AT&T LECs), AT&T long distance telephone service (e.g., complaints about AT&T regional toll and long distance telephone calls) and other AT&T complaints, including complaints about:

  • AT&T charges, fees and taxes (e.g., complaints about cramming or having unauthorized or unwanted charges or fees placed onto AT&T telephone bills)
  • AT&T refunds, adjustments and credits (e.g., complaints that AT&T customers are owed refunds or credits)
  • AT&T calling plans and packages (AT&T complaints about pricing, rates, etc)
  • AT&T billing and payments (e.g., complaints that AT&T customer was overbilled, overcharged or paid too much for AT&T products or services, complaints about AT&T account balance, AT&T telephone bills, AT&T payment methods such as automatic pay, AT&T prepaid, AT&T paperless billing, AT&T online billing, and other AT&T billing disputes)
  • AT&T call quality (e.g., difficulty making or receiving telephone calls on your AT&T phone)
  • AT&T account management (e.g., complaints about AT&T service being disconnected, suspended or terminated, etc)
  • AT&T telephone numbers and telephone access lines (e.g., complaints about porting AT&T phone number, adding, cancelling or terminating AT&T phone lines, reconnecting AT&T service, etc.)
  • AT&T calling features (e.g., complaints about AT&T voicemail, ringtones, caller ID, call waiting, 3-way calling, call forwarding, etc)
  • AT&T network technology (3G, 4G, LTE, etc.)
  • AT&T telephone equipment and devices (e.g., complaints about damaged, defective or malfunctioning wireless devices that don’t work and obtaining returns, replacement or repair of broken cell phones, SIM cards, upgrades, unlocking devices)
  • Other AT&T telephone products and services (e.g., mobile insurance, warranties, protection plans, etc.)
  • AT&T privacy and security related issues
  • AT&T offers, promotions, rewards, rebates and advertisements (e.g., complaints about not getting promised rewards or rebates or offers, etc.)

If You Have A Complaint About AT&T or AT&T Telephone Products or Services, Report Your AT&T Complaints To A Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyer.

Fill Out The Form On The Right To Request a Free Attorney Review Of Your AT&T Complaint.

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  • Chrissy Jamie February 3, 2015, 3:14 am

    I can’t believe AT&T! When I look at my bill I see AT&T taxes that I don’t even understand. How is this legal?

  • linda lafrance April 30, 2015, 9:15 pm

    My 92 y.o mothers phone Was disconnected. She used to have California lifeline for 20 years. Last year when she reapplied she didnt complete the paper wk. She missed a box. Anyway they dropped her and Att started charging her full rate like 60. $ 40$
    My mother hardly ever used her phone. Since she had her payments automatically deducded she was unaware this had even happened. I have talked to Att about seven 7 times. Every time they have a new story to tell. But NO ONE HAS GIVEN ME A answer. .I had them sending me the bill All of a sudden I got a final bill. I called and they told me it had been turned off. I told them that it was not turned off I just talked to my mom. That was Feb 2 2015. I have not received a bill since. She still has her phone. I cant get anyone to understand what we are going thru

  • Danail July 28, 2015, 2:28 pm

    Forgot past couple of months I’m keep calling complaining about bad service customer service is terrible Network terrible in the end of it I have to pay this much money and nobody doing anything just collecting money

  • chris September 24, 2015, 6:51 pm

    Used ATT for years put my boys all on it it was great then they all got their only cell plans some took 60.00 a month prepaid first year it was great now in this last year or more I get dropped calls calls I cannot make no calls net slow when I call same old well they do trouble shoot , wellmtoday I call and they tell me I need to buy something that is 149.00 and hook it up to my home net , what why , this well get me more bars on my phone when I am home, like I got to buy something to us my cell at home are they kidding , I had good service before why after to years I don’t get itnsorry but my prepaid is up on Oct 3 2015 and I’m done with ATT oh and by the way most of my family contracts are up for their I phones and they are leaving to that makes nine of us my bills only sixty but theirs are way over the 100.00s so let see who lose here us or ATT looks like ATT . They to have same thing go on with their phones they were told to down load apps or buy that thing for 149.00 nope good bye ATT by the way your customer service people lie a lot an
    D don’t know their jobs . You got a lot of my money over the years and I got taken you won for awhile but now this family we win inseenit this way over 1000.00maybe more a month from this family you are losing and then their are the people we know , that to say ATT not worth it anymore solong don’t want your crap any more

  • Stephen Nason February 25, 2016, 12:03 am

    My 87-yr-old mother has been with AT&T for many, many years both in NC and now in Fl. Had the “free upgrade/replacement after two years plan”. In 11/15. went to local AT&T store to get her “free(?)” replacement. Employees didn’t have similar model in-stock, but tried to sell a fancier. more expensive one. She refused, instead ended up with a Rugby model flip phone, for $45.
    Never worked from day one. Came back at least two times before early Jan. to get fixed. nothing worked. Finally on a trip, she was told by a Hilton hotel tech, her phone was used and defective. Still had original old battery in it. Upon returning from trip went back to store, voiced concerns and went thru “warranty claims process”. Got a replacement phone within a week or so. It too was used and defective. Then AT&T sent her a bill for $170, the cost to replace the first defective phone. Meanwhile mom has been without a working phone since late Nov. and it’s now late Feb.. During this she’s being charged monthly for “phone service(?)”.
    To someone’s credit the AT&T employee who worked with her from the start, upon closer inspection of first phone, noted that it was defective/damaged and has said so.

  • Gary Wagner April 22, 2016, 9:29 pm

    I purchased a package plan, which included Direct TV. I was quoted a price of $190 in abundle, it was to include my phone service, including my home phone a hot spot with.15 gigs my Direct TV with unlimited data on my cell phones. Before changing over I double checked with the accounting department to check on any surprises. The price quoted was $197 for t the entire bill. Thus morning I called and the price went up to $232 plus tax. I was not satisfied, so I talked a manager, TJ Sylvester. The monthly cost went up another $15 to $247 which is over $50 more than the original quote. I would like to know What is going on.

If You Have an AT&T Complaint, Share Your AT&T Complaints With Others By Submitting A Public Comment Below.