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Phone Complaints | Do You Have A Telephone Complaint? Share Your Complaints With Others. Report Your Complaints To Consumer Protection Attorneys.

If You Have A Telephone Complaint, Share Your Phone Complaints, Experiences, Issues, Stories, Thoughts & Opinions With Others & Report Your Telephone Complaints To Telephone Consumer Protection Lawyers & Attorneys.

Do you have a telephone complaint or issue?  If you are like most people who have ever had or used a telephone, then at some point or another you have had complaints about a telephone company, carrier or service provider, complaints about a telephone product or service or complaints about a myriad of other problems, issues, difficulties, troubles or negative experiences relating to your telephone.  Unfortunately, many telephone complaints go unresolved and the telephone issues experienced often continue to arise over and over again.  It doesn’t have to be that way, though.

Share Your Telephone Complaints With Others.  Be Heard & Help Others.

Telephone Complaint Connect.com helps telephone consumers connect with others who have had similar telephone issues and complaints by creating a public forum where consumers can share their thoughts and views with the general public by posting and replying to comments about various phone complaints.

When people talk about their issues and help each other by sharing their stories, complaints and experiences with each other online, it can go a long way towards educating others about what the issues are and how they can be resolved.

If all else fails and you are unable to resolve your telephone complaints, you can also report your complaints to a telephone consumer protection attorney who may be able to help you recover money and help you resolve your phone complaints.

Have You Been Wronged By A Telephone Company?  Do You Want To Fight Back? Connect With A Telephone Consumer Protection Attorney or Lawyer.  telephone complaints phone complaint

Telephone Complaint Connect.com also helps consumers connect with telephone consumer protection attorneys and lawyers who are investigating potential telephone lawsuit cases and settlement claims of those telephone consumers who have complaints about telephone companies and telephone products and services.

Review the TelephoneComplaintConnect.com site to see if your phone complaint is similar to those telephone complaints currently being investigated.  If it is, let us know right away by filling out and submitting a telephone complaint form on the right to request a free attorney case review. If you don’t see your telephone complaints listed submit a new phone complaint for possible investigation by telephone consumer protection lawyers and attorneys.  A telephone consumer protection lawyer or attorney may be able to recover money on your behalf.

Potential claims being investigated include phone complaints by current and former residential, home, business and government telephone customers about their telephone company, telephone service or other telephone products, including wireless mobile and cell phone complaints, wireline, fixed line or traditional landline telephone complaints and complaints about evolving technologies such as VOIP and digital phone service.

Telephone company complaints potentially being reviewed include:

What Type of Telephone Complaint Do You Have?

Although there are countless things that telephone subscribers might potentially complain about, telephone complaints can generally be categorized as follows:

  • Unauthorized charges, fees or taxes (billed or charged for items you did not authorize; cramming; fraudulent charges)
  • Undisclosed charges or fees on your phone bills
  • Charged for calls that you never made or accepted
  • Charged for products/service that you never ordered or purchased
  • Never received products/services paid for
  • Calling plan changed or switched without your permission (slamming)
  • Call quality, poor reception, dropped calls, static, echoes, dead air
  • Billing or payments (bills and account balances)
  • Refunds, adjustments or credits not received
  • Service cancellation, termination, suspension, disconnection, deactivation
  • Service activation, reconnection, installation issues
  • Telephone calling plans (voice, data, text, etc.)
  • Calling features (voicemail, ringtones)
  • Telephone network issues (3G and 4g LTE complaints)
  • Data service complaints (data throttling, data sharing, data caps)
  • Long distance complaints
  • Collect call complaints
  • Prison calls (inmate calling) complaints
  • Telephone numbers & telephone lines problems
  • Telephone devices & equipment
  • Complaints about phone scams, fraud, misrepresentations, deception, omissions, illegal or unlawful conduct, etc
  • Privacy and security issues
  • Marketing offers, promotions, rewards, rebates, ads, etc.
  • Telephone insurance, warranties & protection plans
  • Other telephone complaints

If You Have a Telephone Complaint, Connect With Telephone Consumer Protection Attorneys & Lawyers & Share Your Phone Complaints with Others.

Fill Out The Form On The Right To Request a Free Attorney Review Of Your Telephone Complaint.

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  • tequilla January 2, 2015, 6:25 am

    Every morning, faithfully for the past month and a half, beginning at 2a.m. (literally, on the dot) my cell phone starts to get back to back phone calls. When I say back to back, I LITERALLY mean every minute until 6a.m., then they stop… Every phone call shows up as a different number on my caller I.d. they all begin with 011, so they are international numbers, and it has to be a computer making these calls. During that time I can’t use my phone to make or answer calls.. it is so frustrating. When I answer the calls, I get nothing… It just hangs up.I can’t block the number because like I said, a different number appears every time I get a call… The calls originate from places like Madagascar and Nauru… Does anyone know how to make this stop? I have called my cell phone company several times and they are clueless..

    • Thomas in WV January 31, 2015, 1:34 am

      You might want to call the individal at your state’s Public Service Commission. From personal experience, they have someonethat deals with issues regarding cell phone service providers. Hope that helps. They can also advise you of additional contacts that can & will assist you. Good luck!!

  • annie January 8, 2015, 9:59 pm

    I have a complaint against verizon , adding unexplained charges to account , and sence we have left them as a customer and of course there threatening to put us in credit breau for charges we never made when asked about these charges we never got answers to were these charges came from ,

  • Thomas in WV January 31, 2015, 1:25 am

    Experiencing very slow data transmissions & internet access using Straight Talk via Trac-Fone. I have unlimited service but believe they are ‘throttling’. Speed reduces drastically toward end of each service period. Time to dump these people.

  • Helen Arellano February 28, 2015, 7:00 pm

    My mother is 96 years old and lives alone. She is on SS only! CenTury Link bill has been gradually going up; now $91.13 (from $68.73). This has been going on since June 2014. I had one hell of a time trying to reach someone who would do something about it (I hope I finally did! We’ll see next billing!!) Mom never authorized change! She was already on a plan with unlimited long distance. I am sick and tired of all these unscrupulous B_ _ _ _ _ _ _ taking advantage of others. I hope and pray that those sh_ _ as_ _ _ get what they deserve.

  • Truth Exposed April 18, 2015, 7:32 am

    AT&T claims to have the stronger signal over their competition, Verizion, 4G & 4G LTE. A LIE. In my social experiment, I discovered none of the locations AT&T claimed were Wifi Hotspots, they are not. All you see is network not available or network out of range. As it turns out, AT&T is not providing free Wifi connections to their subscribers. In Philadelphia, AT&T stores are either blocking the WiFi signal, turning it off, as admitted by an AT&T representative in the President’s Office and/or it is so weak it does not register as a listed network. False advertising. Xfinity knocks the AT&T signal right off the network. For 1 year and 1 month, I have not been able to connect to an AT&T Wifi network in my city. By not providing the Wifi feature, AT&T customers are left to run up their data plan.

  • corinna May 11, 2015, 4:54 pm

    I have to pay for dropped calls and thats one phone call my son doesn’t get to talk to he’s dad.

  • Katherine Kerley April 9, 2016, 7:01 am

    Century Link agreed that charges to my account were due to their error. Agreed to waive the charges then sent the bill to collections. I disputing the bill but now my credit score will suffer. It is a terrible disreputable company. I would d love legal advice.

  • kim malvin May 1, 2016, 10:06 pm

    not being thorough with senior citizens.. first listen to what they are asking.. if you don’t have an answer don’t just say anything… because then you have problem/they have a problem….seniors need to be able to communicate for emergency reason…

  • Subhash Chander May 11, 2016, 7:54 am

    Your internet is poor and speed is low. Complaints already lodged many time but no person from your side visit or ractified the problems.

Do You Have A Telephone Complaint? Share Your Phone Complaint With Others By Submitting A Public Comment Below.